Tenax Colour Matched Quartz Glue

48 Different Colours Available from Stock

This wide colour range of polyester resins have been colour matched to many popular brands of Quartz.

These pre-mixed colours are a great time saver, eliminating the need to blend the exact colour to match the surface using colour pigments or dyes and other tools. This will reduce installation time and provide a better visual result.

Save time and achieve a perfect match between material and resin join

The glues are all knife grade and are ideal for forming vertical joins between two slabs of quartz. They also have a gel time of approximately 5 minutes at room temperature and cure relatively quickly after this to create a relatively short working time for installation teams.

They work in exactly the same way as regular polyester resins. They are supplied with a small tube of hardener which acts as a catalyst to speed up the curing time. They are not only for quartz, but they can also be successfully used on a wide range of other stones such as granite, marble, limestone and onyx. This means finding a colour for an unusual natural material is also possible.

Quartz colours are an excellent way to ensure a perfect match between material and resin join.

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32 Quartz manufacturers Colour Matched

Find the manufacturer from the list below and click to download the colour chart. The files display the name and/or reference of the material and list the Tenax colour. Alternatively, you can download one file that contains all of the colour charts and keep for your reference.

Colour Chart 4EColour Chart AntoliniColour Chart BelencoColour Chart Best CheerColour Chart CaesarstoneColour Chart CambriaColour Chart CimstoneColour Chart Color QuartzColour Chart CompacColour Chart Cosentino - SilestoneColour Chart DirescoColour Chart HanwhaColour Chart HerostoneColour Chart Marmo ArredoColour Chart MSIColour Chart OkiteColour Chart QuantraColour Chart Quarella - Agglo MarmoColour Chart Quarella - QuarzoColour Chart QuartzformsColour Chart RomaxxColour Chart RynoneColour Chart Santa MargheritaColour Chart Sea QuartzColour Chart Sinqua StoneColour Chart Stone ItalianaColour Chart TechnistoneColour Chart TeltosColour Chart Totem QuartzColour Chart UnistoneColour Chart VicostoneColour Chart Zodiaq


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