Thinwall CNC Core Drill for Stone

Thinwall Core Drills - for Precise and Clean CNC Drilling

These specially designed core drills are for use on a CNC machine to cut through granite and quartz. They have been engineered with very thin crowns, the part that comes into contact with the material. The crown, on the Ø 35mm size, measures 1mm in thickness, compared with a thickness of around 3mm, like many segmented core drills.

Benefits of Thinwall Core Drills in Solid Surface Fabrication

The thin crown helps to ensure accurate high-speed cutting, whilst also requiring less downward pressure than a regular core bit as the surface area of the segments is drastically reduced. This offers user two key benefits.

First, the requirement of less pressure for the core drill to cut through the material, reduces the chance of breakages and damage over fragile sink cut outs. This will help to ensure each worktop is safely drilled and material wastage reduced.

Second, the thin segments cut the minimum amount of material required for a precise and clean cut. This reduces the stock removal involved in the coring process. The core drill featured small 'U' shaped notches the help remove the material. The life of the crown is extended because the drill removes less stock than a traditional core. The diamond rim is working at an optimum pace and this improves the speed of the operation. The diamonds are not overworked as they do not remove excess material.

Tips for Using Thinwall CNC Core Drills

  1. In order to minimise the risk of chipping with natural materials, stop the drilling operation 2mm before the polished surface and do not make a full hole
  2. Before making a new drill hole, bring the drill back up at a height equal to the core drills height plus the hole depth and then proceed to the next drill hole. This is important because when the core drill goes back up, fragments of the material could remain in the core drill and damage the stone
  3. At the end of the drilling procedure, reverse the slab and softly hit the remaining material, manually
Thinwall as used on Breton CNC machine


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