Problems With the Lifespan of Manual Edge Profiling Tools

Troubleshooting Advice for Extending the Lifespan of Manual Edge Profiling Router Tools

This article looks at the common reasons behind router profile tooling wearing quickly, with the aim to provide some guidelines to ensure you get the best value from these tools.

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Factors Affecting the Lifespan of Manual Edge Profiling Router Tools

  • Insufficent water
  • External waterfeed not directed at the area where the tool is working the edge of the stone
  • Extereme pressure applied by the operator
  • Material type - with a high composition of quartz
  • Material type - without quartz but very abrasive
  • Material type - very hard

How do I Increase the Meterage I'm Achieving with Router Profiling Tools?

The positive factors that can increase the lifespan of these tools are the opposite of the factors listed above.

Marmoelettromeccanica's Manual Profile Wheels Linear Meterage Test Results

The table below displays data from a set of tests carried out by Marmoelettromeccanica on mixed, red and black granites of different hardness and qualities, using the exact technical parameters provided on the technical data sheets with the tools.

Approximate Linear Meterage
Pos 001500 - 2000
Pos 1400 - 500
Pos 2400 - 500
Pos 3350 - 400
Pos 4350 - 400
Pos 5350 - 400
Pos 6350 - 400

We cannot gurantee the lifespan measurements above. This information is intended as an approximate guide.

Source: Marmoelettromeccanica SRL


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