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We're here to Help - Create a Support Case Online With Stonetools

Stonetools provide full pre and post-purchase support and are here to help you with any assistance you may need.

Follow these steps to request support by raising a support case. We will reply to all cases within 24 hours of you telling us there is a problem and work quickly towards a solution.

  1. To create a support case, you will need to be logged into your account here
  2. Once logged in, click Support Cases from the drop-down menu on the left and then select Submit New Case
  3. Enter a summary in the Title space of the case form and select the support required so we can route the request to the right person. You can choose from a General Enquiry, Technical Assistance, Product Issue, Accounts Query, Complaint or a Query About An Existing Order
  4. Describe what kind of problem you have - providing a good description will help us to quickly and efficiently help you. We will reply to you the email address registered to your account. If you would like the case correspondence sent to a different email address please check the box and enter the alternative email address
  5. Click the Submit button. This will create your case

What Happens After I Create My Support Case?

As soon as you submit your case, you can immediately see the full details including the case number we have assigned by clicking Support Cases from the drop-down menu on the left and then by selecting Support Cases. You will also receive an automatic reply to confirm that we have received your request. The case will be handled by one of our team who will be assigned your case to resolve.

From the Support Cases page, you can see all the details relating to the case, including a full copy of all correspondence. From here you can view the status of all cases at any time and how the case is being handled, to keep you up to date. 

Case status progress is as follows:

  • Just Reported - the case has just been submitted to us
  • In Progress - we have received the case and are working towards a resolution
  • Awaiting Customer Reply - we require further information and have requested this from you by email
  • Escalated - the case has been internally escalated to a manager
  • Re-Opened - the issue required the case to be reopened and further support is requried
  • Closed - the case has been resolved and a written summary provided to you

Once a case has been resolved we will close the case by providing a written summary back confirming the issue and the resolution that we have supplied. Alternatively, you can close the case yourself by clicking the Close button on the top right of the Support Cases page.

All case details and solutions are stored in the My Account area, allowing you to access and recall solutions to these issues.

Other Ways To Create a Support Case

If you would prefer to create a support case by email send a message to including information regarding the issue.

Alternatively, you can create a case over the phone by calling + 44 1892 519290 and speaking to one of our team.

Other Details

Please note that once a case has been closed for more than 30 days you will not be able to re-open it and will need to submit a new case. If you already have an open case with us and you require support on the same issue, please do not start a new case. Instead, respond to the most recent email you received from us.

If you would like to speak to the team member handling your case directly by telephone please call + 44 1892 519290 and ask for them by name.