Checking Stock Availability

Accurate Real Time Stock Information

Live stock information is displayed on all products across our site. If a product is out of stock, we will always tell you before you confirm a purchase. You can see the date when the specific quantity you need will be delivered.

Finding Stock Information on a Product Detail Page

Stock information is clearly displayed on the product detail page. Search the site to find the product that you need and follow the guide below.

  1. Find the table underneath the product descriptions and images and choose the specific product you need
  2. If a product is in stock it will say Available to Ship next to the product
  3. If a product not in stock you will see a message that says: Available to Ship x days after order. This informs you when we expect the product to be available to send onto you
  4. If you need more than one unit of the product, type in the quantity or use the plus and minus keys
  5. If we do not have the quantity you need an alert will appear. It will tell you how much of the stock will be despatched the same day and display an Available to Ship date for the remainder of your order which is when we will send the remainder on to you

Finding Stock Information When Using Quick Order and Tool Lists

The same live stock information is also available when using the Quick Order and before you checkout when ordering from a Tool Lists.