Frangistone Technology by Marmoelettromeccanica

What is Frangistone Technology by Marmoelettromeccanica?

Frangistone is a patented profile wheel position produced by Marmoelettromeccanica (MEM). It is a metal pre-cutting wheel, the first tool in a grinding sequence, Pos 00, for granite, quartz and other hard natural stones. These tools are available for CNC machines as well as manual and semi-automatic machines. It is designed to remove stock quickly and reduce the production time of profiles that require a large amount of material to be removed. There are many advantages to using this equipment.

Happy Operators and Saved Production Time

The Frangistone wheel is made up of a number of 2mm thick blades, with spaces in between, which cut away at the material quickly and aggressively. Each blade is packed with high-grade diamond, enabling the tool to grind away 60% of the stock on an edge detail.

The segments are kept cool as water passes through the gaps in-between the blades in the wheel, helping to keep it cool and provide an exit for removed stone debris. As each individual blade is sharply cutting the material in multiple zones, the use of the wheel will reduce the working time of a set by 25%, saving a great deal of production time. For example, the feed rate for a CNC Frangistone is up to 5,000mm/min, in one pass, a very fast rate for a first position tool. Manual operators will also benefit as the wheel is easier to use than MEM Segmented technology that many are used to.

Reduce the Cost of Edge Profiling with the Frangistone Position

The Frangistone position is a cost-effective essential if your workshop is regularly grinding the same edge detail. As the heavy-duty first position, it helps to extend the lifespan of the next tool in the sequence by 50%. This reduces the wear rate of other tools, extending the linear meterage of other tools, making the Frangistone a worthwhile investment for commonly processed profile shapes. It can also be used ahead of positions from other manufacturers.

Meet Deadlines with Fast Delivery of Frangistone Positions

We keep a range of Frangistone tools in stock. As the tool is constructed from a core and a number of separate diamond blades, production times are very short.

Application of Frangistone Edge Profiling Positions

These tools are recommended in addition to Pos 0 - 6 when creating a profile which has a lot of stock removal, such as open profiles. The Frangistone is available as a Pos 00 for CNC machines as well as manual and semi-automatic machines. It is for use on granite, quartz and other hard stones.

Frangistone Replacement Blades

The blades are individually replaceable when worn, so a whole new wheel does not need to be purchased each time and all diameter blades that make up a Frangistone position are available from Stonetools.

You can easily substitute one diameter blade that is prone to wearing, therefore maximizing the productivity from a single unit.

See all frangistone replacement blades here.

Frangistone replacement blades
Frangistone position 00

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