Zenith Technology by Marmoelettromeccanica

What is Zenith Technology by Marmoelettromeccanica?

Zenith is the name given to the first two continuous rim diamond positions in a Marmoelettromeccanica CNC or semi-automatic profile set. These tools are for granite, quartz, ceramic and other hard natural stones and are Pos 1 and Pos 2.

They are used after a heavy duty grinding tool, that features either, FrangistoneRazorstone Technology or MEM Segmented technology, depending on the edge being worked.

Performance and Value Combined

The Zenith wheels offer a great balance between durability and cost. They feature a high-grade diamond coating. After a pass, with Pos 1 and Pos 2 Zenith wheels, the edge is ready for the final metal position, Bi Power.

Application of Zenith CNC Profiling Positions

Zenith tools are available as Pos 1 and Pos 2 for CNC machines and Pos 1 and Pos 2 for semi-automatic machines with an internal water feed.

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