Razorstone Technology by Marmoelettromeccanica

What is Razorstone Technology by Marmoelettromeccanica?

Razorstone is a patented profile wheel position produced by Marmoelettromeccanica (MEM). It is a metal bonded grinding wheel, and the second tool in the recommended grinding sequence, Pos 0. It is closely related to the Frangistone wheel.

It is designed for granite, quartz and other hard natural stones. Razorstone positions replace the traditional MEM Segmented wheel that featured thick diamond segments. These tools are available for CNC machines as well as manual and semi-automatic machines. It is designed to remove the cuts made from the preceding Frangistone position, beginning to create a smooth grain on the edge detail.

Razorstone offers many operator and production benefits.

Save Factory Production Time with Razorstone

The Razorstone wheel is made up of a number of 2mm thick blades which cut away at the material quickly and aggressively. Unlike the Frangistone, there is no spacing in between the blades. Therefore, it leaves the rough shape of the edge detail being worked. This means that once the Razorstone has been used, it will leave a rough scratch pattern for metal continuous wheels to follow.

The working speeds that the Razorstone offer make it one of the fastest grinding positions available. It is up to 5 times faster than traditional MEM Segmented technology. The old style wheels, that the Razorstone replaces, featured thick diamond segments that did not cover the full shape of the profile, resulting in the need to make multiple passes. With the Razorstone, the blades form the full profile shape, meaning one pass can be made at an advance speed of 5,000mm/min - speeding up working time.


Long Life & Cost Savings for Edge Profiling

As fewer passes are required for this position to work the material and the layered blades wear more evenly, the Razorstone provides great value for each linear meter processed. MEM estimate that these positions are approximately 50% more durable than traditional segmented wheels, providing significant cost savings for your business.

Application of Razorstone Edge Profiling Positions

These tools are recommended in addition to Pos 00 - 6 when creating a profile which has a lot of stock removal, such as open profiles. The Razorstone is available as a Pos 0 for CNC machines as well as manual and semi-automatic machines. It is for use on granite, quartz and other hard stones.

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