Flex CS60 Stone Cutting Wet Saw

Cut Stone Accurately and Simply

This saw will create accurate straight and angled cuts on a range of materials. When used with the guide rail system, the saw cuts in a perfectly straight line through materials like granite, quartz, marble, artificial stones, concrete, terrazzo.

The powerful motor is fixed at 6,000 RPM, the correct rotation speed for the blade designed for use on the machine. For cutting requirements on site, it is a lower cost alternative to a traditional bench saw and is ideal when used to tackle long straight cuts on site.

Guide Rail System for Ensured Accuracy

The guide rails for the CS60 are available in two lengths: 800mm and 1600mm. They can be securely connect for seamless transition from one rail to another while cutting and make the cut. These guides have a strong rubber trim on the base, helping to reduce any possible slip of the guide rail resulting in a poor cut.

Mitre Angle Setting for Factories without Modern Saws

This machine also features a mitre angle setting which means the blade can be angled. This allows a user to cut a perfect positive mitre joint of up to 45 degrees. This makes it ideal for preparing mitre joints on site which traditionally can be very difficult with normal stonemasonry tools. It is especially useful for companies who have a need to create mitre joints but do not have an automatic saw with the ability to angle.

Massive Depth of Cut - a choice of blades

The saw will accept a maximum blade diameter of 170mm, enabling a user to achieve straight cuts on material up to 60mm thick and mitre cuts on material up to 38mm thick. There are two choices of blade. The blade the CS60 is supplied with is a standard stone diamond blade with segments and is a rough construction blade. The other type, the turbo blade, offers a faster cut but a shorter life-span.

Both of these blades offer great cutting capacity and are designed for stonemasons, tilers, kitchen fitters and landscapers.

Advanced Safety Features

The machine is used with a water feed, connected via a 1/2" water hose from either a tap or a supply tank. The wet use of the tool helps with dust suppression and assists significantly in extending the life of the diamond cutting disc by keeping it cool. This will help you increase the cutting performance from the blade.

The CS60 has many built-in electronic features to ensure it is always running effectively and efficiently. These include: electronic soft-start, step-less speed control, constant speed, temperature control and overload cut-off. The constant speed control means that when the machine is put under load the tool electronically compensates to maintain the RPM to as close to the no-load speed as possible.

The CS60 is a compact and powerful machine that offers many great user benefits.

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