GAS-617H Seam Setter for Stone Surfaces

Seam Setter for the Jointing of Stone Slabs

The GAS-617H manual Seam Setter and leveller is the ideal tool for pulling together or spreading apart stone slabs accurately. The large 200mm Ø dual suction cup provides strong suction on the material to guarantee the tools do not slip when under load. This allows the user to move two pieces of stone together very accurately enabling you to form the perfect joint.

This tool can be used on a range of polished materials from granite to quartz and even acrylic composite substrates.

Straight and Level Worktop Installation

The dual manual adjustable levels can also be used to apply vertical force on the top to ensure the join is level in situ while waiting for the resin to cure. This accessory is supplied with a carry case and suction cup protectors to prevent the cups getting oil and grease on them. This is a great accessory for any fitting team, a must have on the van.

Dual dials for precision


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